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PRESS RELEASE: TKC Africa Signs Anita Erskine As Brand Ambassador For Flex Watches

As part of its campaign to introduce Flex Watches to the Ghana Philanthropic and CSR Community, TKC Africa brings Anita Erskine on board to support the promotion.

The Knowledge Channel (TKC) Africa has signed a partnership with Flex Watches - a collection of unique time pieces especially designed and created to help raise funds towards some of the world’s most crippling health and socio-economic issues.

“Flex Watches” supports causes such as breast cancer, hunger, autism, the need for clean water in rural communities, encouraging expression through the Arts and more, by committing 10% of its sales to these and other causes.

Flex Watches come in ten different colors – each signifying a particular cause. For example, the plain or patterned pink shade signifies Breast Cancer, whilst the quest to provide communities with Clean Water, is represented by the plain or patterned blue. With every purchase of a Flex Watch, 10% of the proceeds are dedicated to organizations whose goal is to work towards the respective cause.

‘Africa is changing for the better but we need to act faster. To do this, we need funds. There are so many advocacy groups and non-profit organizations with great ideas. Unfortunately, money is always a problem, so in our bid to help fix this issue, we at TKC have found this uniquely engaging way of encouraging people to give financial support to the cause of their choice – be it health related, education or otherwise – by buying a Flex Watch empowers the organization to positively impact worthy causes”. Says Hannah Acquah, Director, The Knowledge Channel.

The partnership with Flex Watches is imperative to the strategy TKC has designed to help us influence positive change. The other important element in this effort is the appointment of its Brand Ambassador for Ghana, in the person of Anita Erskine.

“Ms Erskine is deeply passionate about many of the issues. Additionally, Ms Erskine works with numerous organizations on the continent. She is versatile and extremely committed and I am confident her partnership with us, will help yield greater results”, adds Hannah Acquah.

The newly appointed Pan African Broadcaster and Women’s Advocate, Anita Erskine, as the Brand Ambassador for Flex Watches in Ghana opens gives the latter an even greater opportunity to reach different kinds of audiences.

“The Flex Watch formula is deeply intriguing. There are some issues that are of major importance to us here on the continent of Africa. Generally, some of the reasons we can’t find solutions and tend to hit a wall in dealing with them is because we are unable to adequate funding. It is an honor to be part of this. I am eager to see what the future holds for all of us.” says Anita Erskine, Founder and Director, Anita Erskine Media.

“Flex Watches was born in 2011 with a very simple mission: To make a difference! Today we are on 4 continents and are so excited to be partnering with TKC Africa to represent us across the African continent! Together we are helping to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people because 10% of your purchases are donated towards a worthy cause to make an impact”. States Brad Lubinsky, General Manager, Flex Watches.

The TKC Africa – Flex Watches partnership will be launched in Accra, Ghana first on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 at 11am at Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel, 1A Mankata Avenue, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

For more information contact Hannah Acquah , 0543871766,




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